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in4mation x g shock round 2

es x Hundreds x Livestock

In a three-way collaboration, Vancouver retailer Livestock, Fairfax brand The Hundreds and skate footwear makers ├ęS have all come together to create the Boarder Control boxset. Both the The Hundreds and Livestock each took their own respective model and added their own elements of design. Livestock went the route of a hiking-boot theme with a strong use of colors with ripstop straps and contrasting laces. The Hundreds kept things simple looking to pay homage to old school skate materials like the suedes and canvases with newer age materials like rip-stop nylon, 3M and ballistic nylon. Both shoes will be sold in a boxset at Livestock and The Hundreds stores on October 18th with an online release slated for October 20th.



Taco Tuesday's at 112 (My Apt)

Was a Success!!!!

I'm Pretty Damn Stuffed!!!

If you missed out, we have Taco Tuesdays every Tuesday

I usually cook Ground Beef and Carne Asada Tacos

SOMETIMES, we mix it up a little bit... but feel free to hit me up

All are invited... it's just good times!

P-Rod x Incase

Friday, October 10, 2008





Every season, The Hundreds, puts together a special collection for their most loyal fans that is only released at their two flagship stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This season’s collection features an array of t-shirts inspired by everything from favorite skate brands of “yesteryear” to collaborations with rapper, Kurupt. Lastly there is a new RSWD New Era 59Fifty fitted cap featuring a nice leather brim that will be limited to the LA store. Pick up your favorite piece or more at either THLA or THSF this Friday, October 10th, 2008. via The Hundreds

The Hundreds - Los Angeles
7909 Rosewood Avenue| Map
Los Angeles, CA 90048

The Hundreds - San Francisco
585 Post Street| Map
San Francisco, CA 94102

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Nite Skate Sesh With Me!




The skating at this year’s Goofy Vs. Regular was so good, nobody won. Sound weird? Well, at the end of the finals, the judge’s scores for both teams were so close they couldn’t pick an official winner. And just any other predicament in life, there’s only one way to settle such a difference: with a game of SKATE.

The Goofies, with Justin Figueroa and Tyler Hendley representing the two-man team in the final game, picked the double set for the battle ground of choice, but ended up losing to the inhumanly talented Andrew Langi and Chris Cole putting the Regulars on top once again. Photos and videos are coming soon… in fact they’re probably up as we speak…


1. Team MVP Chris Cole* – $17,000
2. Andrew Langi – $10,000
3. Julian Christianson* – $6,000
4. Carlos de Andrade – $3,500
5. Chris Troy* – $3,500
6. David Loy – $1,000
7. Fabrizio Santos – $1,000
8. Rick McCrank* – $2,000
9. Kurtis Colamonico – $1,000
10. Austen Seaholm – $1,000
11. Sean Malto* – $2,000
12. Steve Reeves – $1,000
13. Chris Mendes – $1,000
14. Adam Dyet – $1,000
15. Danilo Do Rosario – $1,000

1. Tyler Hendley* – $2,000
2. Jereme Rogers* – $2,000
3. Team MVP Justin Figueroa – $2,000
4. Rodolfo Ramos – $1,000
5. Chad Bartie – $1,000
6. Caswell Berry* – $2,000
7. Brandon Westgate – $1,000
8. Darrell Stanton* – $2,000
9. Taylor Smith – $1,000
10. Alex Olson* – $2,000
11. Felipe Gustavo – $1,000
12. Tommy Fynn – $1,000
13. Morgan Smith – $1,000
14. Kevin Romar – $1,000
15. Helder Lima – $1,000

The * symbolizes the five riders selected by the team captain for the final team. Each of these team riders receives an automatic $1,000 going into the event. The MVP is also awarded an additional $1,000.

F-Town Heros gonna Kill!

Have I Ever Told You I <3 Red!?


"Dont Count the Days, Make the Days Count"


hahahaha Stoops!

Kimbo Over Hyped.....indeed...

Knocked out in 14 seconds

P-rod Gucci Colorway w/ maching hat and varsity jacket

I Like This Obama Tee... where's your 2 cents!?

Geoff McFetridge x UNDFTD Las Vegas

Pharrells a PC... but im a MAC<3