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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He waited till after BET awards to drop this..

Finally available ^_^

OH its Game Time! In love with those Chukkas since the pics of these first leaked

I told you! Nobody can Fuck with Optimus!

Diamond Supply x Fly Society

Every colorway looks great!

24k toothbrush by BAPE

Freshjive Loves Big Titties....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hundreds X SE Bikes

I love how The Hundreds pay a good attention to detail on their products, check the front emblem of the bike....NICE!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hahaha OMG....

Wow, I came across this while dropping by Weekend Warriors Blog. DAMN! they really pushed the limits on this one... Guess Sex really can sell anything.

Can't say I didn't see one of these coming...

Due to the recent loss of Micheal Jackson, Clothing line Neff dropped this tee.  It was funny because i was agreeing with Anwar's twitter about Illustrator Streetwear Designers to not make MJ tees cause its already been done.  But i guess if you were really about MJ and your paying tribute then i respect it, but don't try and make money off his death.

Maloof Money Cup Course Blueprints


This is my current work in process, it will be a street life as I travel and meet with ppl, skate, and enjoy sumer. stay tuned for more promos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Design Contest!

Earlier this month Married to the MOB changed their iconic lip smack logo (used since ‘04) to the updated lips seen above. To celebrate this new MTTM logo, Karmaloop has teamed up with MTTM to call all designers to design a shirt that incorporates the new logo into artwork. The winning design will be made into an official MOB t-shirt to be sold exclusively on The winner will also receive a $500 gift certificate to Karmaloop. Winner(s) will be chosen based on votes and a panel of Official Bitches.

For more info on the design contest head on over to Karmaloop:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Micheal Jackson "The world has recognized your amazing"

Now You Are a Legend Mike~

I Fckin Love These!

Check them out now at Hall Of Fame Ltd.

No Label Watches..

DOnUt Shop Sundays Episode 3

It was fun filming this one, If you have never seen DSS, it's our weekly web updates for out upcoming line "DOnUt" or "Do You, Not Them

I must say Big Ups to TK, i respect his hustle!

His shoes are now available at Zumiez, i seen some white dude on Fairfax the other day with the black and red ones..... He did them NO justice.

She Wants Me, She Wants Me...

Kim Kardashian

Nike SB Ams "Debacle" video

Just got a chance to check out the Debacle video, must say i was impressed.  Too much fake glass breaking for yo ass! haha If you wanna download it or check it out Click Here

K-Swiss attempting to enter the Skateboard Industry....?

EHH.....Greg Lutzka is a beast tho!

Sk8 Hi California

These are the new Vans Sk8 Hi California. They include a suede heel and toe sections over canvas uppers, this model features extra reinforcement material on the ankle. The top two lace holes have been replaced with an outdoor boot like rivetted metal lace holes. What looks like a wax coated laces replace the traditional laces and the whole sneaker is contrasted with clean all white mid soles. There are additional decorative lines on the mid sole where it would usually be flat. These models come in black or red colorways and is currently available at all good select stores. Info via Freshness

Nike Sb making a comeback?

After the dumb down of the Blue Lobsters, i find that I can actually appreciate these... the yellow lobster Nike Dunk Low

So I'm in Love with my G1, very sure i will enjoy the new HTC Android phone!


Might have to hop back on xbox live!!!!

This past Monday night in Hollywood, the craze boxing champ Mike Tyson battled Snoop Dogg in Fight Night Round 4 for X-Box 360. After losing a four-round head-to-head match (by knockout), Tyson presented Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League with a $5,000 check.

xbox live @ UtmostMateo come see me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im Good... Behind the Scenes

Clipse feat Pharrell - I'm Good Behind The Scenes from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

She Wants Me, She Wants Me!

This is My Pick for the Week:

Megan Fox

P-rod Skatepark....

I met P-rod about 4 years back on the set of that Warner Brothers Movie "GRIND" (Which by the way was the corniest skateboard movie alive) and we had chopped it up....this was when he first got on Girl... He has done major moves since then, Even hitting the Big Screen again for Rob Dyrdek's "Street Dreams" film (which was good) What's Next tho!? how bout his own skatepark opening!?  The skatepark is in his hometown.... stay tuned for a video, Im gonna head out there with the team real soon.  Keep Grindin P-Rod... how can you not respect it?

"I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fllllyyyyyyyyy"

I really like photography and that was the first thing that popped into my head wen i seen this picture... 

Realest Sh*t I Ever Heard, Chillin in My Maybach!

I've been catching pics of these posted on Nick's Twitter..... Word on the streets is they probably wont be on the market for long, so if you are trying to get you hands on these your probably gonna have to grind...

Ken! i would like a 10.5 on hold please....

Crooks & Castles x Vans

Pics compliments from Hypebeast

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bring the West Back Nipsey!

Nipsey Hussle ft June Summers Tasleema-gotta make it.mp3.... If you haven't heard the New Nipsey Track, go head and CLICK HERE