Public Service Announcement

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


DON'T SLEEP.... they come in 5 colors!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Air Obama


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girls... Don't Sleep

Married to the Mob teamed up with Reebok to drop these exclusive female kicks.....
Sneaker Chicks.... don't sleep..... limited amount.

DQM x Nike!


I Love This Tee!

Dorm Days!

Couple days ago i woke up late in the night to use the bathroom and came to find this flood. Seems someone left the shower on pointed at the floor in the bathroom. Joke!? who knows.... but i know it caused a lot of damage. The people in my building are rediculous... they do a lot of stupid stuff.... i don't associate with a lot of people in my dorm building cause of stupid stuff..... I am looking forward to my apt next quarter when im out these freshman dorms!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Drop at Supreme

Go Ape Sh*t

Looks like the Bape store is really bout to open this time in Los Angeles. Check the preview shots out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

By aNY Means

Cheack the new Supreme hats releasing with a creative way to turn the New York logo into 3 words! DONT SLEEP!

Diamond's Spring Cleaning!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Commercial Out....

Being a basketball player this commercial mean a lot because the meaning is true. People do get caught up in the flash and think that because you wear Jordans you can play like him...... Not Happening. Get your ass in the gym and work hard, THEN when you get good... lace up a pair and go to work!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fontana Fam

It was good to be back home for a weekend in Fontana. Got to see a bunch of old friends and people i grew up skating with. I ran into my boy Touch and Edgar, they happened to be in town also. You may know these guys for being a part of the Fruition crew from Vegas. Got to kick back with him and listened to some beats. Me and him went to to high school together and came up skating together.... Now look at us! It was just cool to see all my friends from school and check up on them.


Fontana Skatepark

I found the time to hop on my skateboard since i haven't been filming in awhile and drove over to my once "second home, Fontana Skatepark. It was pretty packed it reminded me of Hot Dogs & Hessian.... F-Town is home for the Active Comp cause they know how us Fontana locals throw down!!! haha Check out the vid from last year.... Out of all my tricks they managed to throw in my Heelflip Front Board (1:20) and Fakie Big Heel (1:38) accompanied with shots of me walking back or dodging boards, i was wearing a grey tee and bluebird taxis. (click on the blog title to see vid)

UNDFTD X Vans Re-Up!

If you missed out on the first release, or couldn't grab a certain colorway, NOW is your second chance. Undftd re-stocked the online store, I highly recommend you don't sleep. These were hot and being re-released at retail. I picked two pairs up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Air KanYeeezy!

Here's a leaked photo of the Air Kanye's that people have been asking about. According to Yeezy they will hit the market eventually

Education has NO age!

I caught this guy in my health and wellness class. Gray hair and all, you are never to old to go to college. He even managed to fit in with his G'd up outfit and fresh white New Era. I also have this grandma in my Pysch class and she's funny as hell. Knowledge is power, it's never too late.

Hall of Fame exclusive HUF plaid

You can only catch this lovely New Era at Hall of Fame. Recommend you "DON'T SLEEP"

Then you can practice your hat trick game like this COOL GUY! haha

I want this on my wall!

Skate Deck Design By Estevan Oriol

Package Fever!

Something to look forward to over the summer will be the 4/19 pack. Bringing out a colorway that hasnt been seen since 99'.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kanye Kick Off!

If you didnt get tickets to Kanye's Glow In the Dark Tour.... You SLEPT! Good luck trying to get in without paying top dollar. This was a rehearsal picture... Looks pretty dope huh? This looks like a expensive painting that would be bootlegged and sold in downtown LA for 15 bucks after they spiced it up with L.E.D. lights.

Kanye is the only one to pull some of these outfits off. UTMST's Fashion Advice of the Week: Stop buying the Kanye shutter shades in every neon color and thinking u can get away with it! Save your five dollars and go buy the bootleg l.e.d. rehearsal shot for $10 bucks more! =]

It's Release Season Yo!

The Crooks & Castles’ crew is coming off a momentous year in 2007 and they are not looking to stop when it comes to delivering the hottest product. The flagship store that the Crooks family calls home on Melrose Ave is also the only location where you can find the exclusive “8021″ collection, featuring a number of limited edition tees, hoodies, and more. The Spring 2008 “8021″ collection will be released this weekend along with the Illuminati Cut & Sew Collection. New to the 8021 Collection are a number of tees but also a number of limited Women’s tees will be available. Be sure to stop by the store for some free food and drinks along with music, good looking women, and of course new Crooks & Castles’ products.

Crooks & Castles Spring 2008 Release Party
Crooks & Castles Flagship Store
8021 Melrose Ave | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Event Date: April 18th (Friday) | 9 PM - ???

USA Jordan V x Air Force Fusion

came across a pic of these. Look for the release around the Olympics this year in Beijing (BMX making its debut this year) Go Team USA

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DXC... i might actually show up to one

The Latest Craze!

Kermit is HUGE!!! Can we say S O L D O U T ! I think Supreme made him bigger then ever and the whole Muppet family is H A T I N!!!! Miss Piggy better get her man in check haha!

Bape Heads Show

Remember when everyone tried to make these lil Skateboard P characters like themselves..... Funny Shit! As for the "no spitting" sign...I don't think they were talking about spitting rhymes. This show was in Japan and they have some funny signs out there.

Lupe's Making It Worldwide

For all you F&F Fans

Erykah Badu tells it how it is ladies

Get Them Butt Implants Ladies!

If You Love Sneakers & Asian Women

Then The Sneaker Lovers Dvd at KIKS TYO is for you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Got Ink?

Tattoos have became a trend lately. I don't really care but i think you have to get a tattoo... have a meaning behind it. I decided to break down the meanings to my ink. Well lets start with the name on my chest. Has to be the stupidest tattoo I have (no offense mom). I was young and naive and just got a tattoo for the hell of it. Rita happens to be my Mothers name, was i gonna forget it? So i needed a reminder haha... My second tattoo started as one thing and turned into a sleeve on my leg (i dunno the proper term for a leg sleeve... am i supposed to say a pant leg?) I get stopped a lot for that one. Its a silhouette of Los Angeles and a Hollywood Hills skyline with a pair of praying hands and my favorite scripture with a cross behind it which reads "Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me- Psalms 23: 4." When i was drawing this tattoo up i wanted it to represent my roots in LA and love for the city and my acting and modeling career. I also added the scripture and hands to show that i believe in God and that there is a Heaven and I'm not afraid to show it. My most recent tattoo would have to be the Koi Fish down my side. This one has a strong meaning also. Koi fish tattoos of course have a long history and go all the way back to ancient Japanese times and it is a definte Japanese or Asian tattoo theme. For the Japanese koi fish represent strength and power because they are often able to lift their entire body up and jump out of the water. Therefore the tattoos that represent koi fish often show them splashing in the water and water flying everywhere which shows of their strength. I have endured a lot of struggle in my lifetime so i drew this one up to represent my achievement to overcome. The Kanji letters say Strength God & Achievement.

Pass the Courvoisier in LA

Someone get her a Agent!

Kaloni flew in from Arizona and i showed her around LA and took her too some spots...... she's gonna be moving out here this summer, so lets start her on the right foot and get her on the big screen. I caught her on vid..... isn't she a natural!? Makes me wanna go to Melrose!! haha

Highway Robbery

Welcome To La!

For all the people who own vehicles or drive one..... Pay close attention to gas prices. Living in Sunny Southern California brings you High Gas Prices and Rush Hour Traffic. Gas is a necessity to get from "A to B" and i just recently made a trip out to Fairfax and realized how high gas prices have got. Im focused on buying a new car, my decision has been hexed because of these prices. Im thinking should i go luxury gas hog.... or conventional whip and put everything i want in it? i dunno you tell me!




Make the "HypeBeast" Go Crazy!

I like when Nike Sb's are used for what they are made for and that would be SKATEBOARDING..... it makes hypebeasts go crazy....But Nike Sb was smart to come out with different sub-levels of dunks for the kids who actually wanna skate them and cant get their hands on a pair cause sneakerheads line up overnight and early in the morn to pick them up first. Check this SBTG commercial....

Hip Hop vs. Rap

The number one reason i quit listening to the radio.  I find it that the most rediculous of people can get signed and say the most ignorant of things or create the stupidest of dances, when there are people out there with raw talent that try and get by off of the number of plays on myspace.  Hip Hop has pretty much died.... at one time hip hop was poetry and a art but now it has gone to hell... Get Money Soulja Boy....*Shaking Head*

Monday, April 7, 2008



MATEO CHECK 1-2-1-2 lol.

Let me introduce myself for those who don't me i am Mateo.  Yes, i have spanish in me.. Im Black and Honduran.  I've endured plenty of struggles while being raised in this cruel world.  I have what people say "A Good Head On My Shoulders."  I made me a blogspot because many people requested and asked that i mad one in reference to old myspace blogs on my insight random subject.  Well im pretty much sure that all i have to say for the moment..... Enjoy my Blogs!