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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You know what it is!

Here's some more footage from last weekend, It was a cold one i can tell you that... Winter not gonna hold us back...put on the flannels and hoodies, throw some gloves on, and GO SKATE!


Winter Throwaway from Mateo Berry on Vimeo.

Farewell Marcel.....AGAIN!

Untitled from Mateo Berry on Vimeo.

Summer 09 is bout to be crazy!

Antwuan x Ink

What more can i say bout this dude...I've known this guy for over 6 years, when i was just getting into the game back when i lived in Harbor City, Carson native AD was already poppin kickflip backtails... Me and him go back.... People look at my dude as criminal, some people look at him as a role model, I look at him as one of the rawest talents in skateboarding... I guess when u make it you can get blasted...... check AD's tats...... 

Healed New Deathwish Tattoo...

Diamonds are Forever


Final Flare.....MUST WATCH!

Baker - - “TK” Atiba Photo Deck

2009 is going to be a huge year for Mr. Kennedy, not only is his Supra “Society” Sneaker releasing, Fly Society is taking off! Check out the latest offerings from Baker as they selected Skateboard Photographer Atiba for their Photo Series decks. Head over to Baker Skateboards for more information. Credit: CtotheJL

I Love this Hoodie....

For all you.... I <3 LA or I <3 NY heads.....when you never been!

'kid cudi interview

Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

Keep YOUR fitted game tight!

Teriyaki Boys X Pharrell x Chris Brown

The closest thing Teriyaki Boys will get to B O O T Y B O U N C E... hahaha funny shit

Us Versus Them Holiday Skate Decks

T19 x Medorra Skate Wheels

The collaboration between Japan’s skate brand T19 and clothing label Medorra continues with some new skateboard wheels. Featuring some bright, obscure artwork, it’s sure to be a favorite amongst skaters. A number of artists will take part as both brands will unite their respective brands towards the wheel designs.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Week's Throwaway

So i'm gonna start a weekly blog post of throwaway footage of the week. This weeks throwaway is from Moreno Valley, and what i like to call.... "the Hangar" Check it out.....

Moreno Valley Session.......

Another Bench Throwaway!


these are a pain in the ass....

I watched the damn Ring Movie

Crybaby haha sike.. my sweat looks like im crying

lacing up a new pair....thanks Dan for keeping me laced in es!



It's O F F I C I A L

Official dropped their holiday spread of caps.... go check em out..... personally... this is my fave because you know how i am with reds!

Oh P.S.....

Disney x the Hundreds

Dropping Tomorrow!!!!! I NEED that Peter Pan Hat

Nyjah off Element

wonder who will pick him up?

Tampa Leftovers!

Check out Antwaun's New Tats....Sheesh, i started skating around that kid..... he done blew up and got blasted with ink!

And Now...........
The Beast Finals!

Heart and Mind tee.....BBC

I really like this shirt, but I doubt i will be picking this up. BBC charges a arm and a leg for a tee and i'm saving for my Audi >_~

Kanye Exposed....

Well i must say this video has caused a lot of stirrup..... but i've already know he's pretty much a sampler... chillin with my brother who is a producer, we tend to catch them.... i like all the samples he's done....Now he's getting shit for not being original! Sheesh Kanye, and i must add that i was not feeling 808 and heartbreaks.....

Bangin! Javier Nunez