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Monday, November 10, 2008



Nigo's Iphone

New LV Flagship

New Ferrari.... (where's my fave red interior!?)

UH-OH! Here Comes Trouble!

Aubrey was seen with Puffy’s rival Suge Knight at Los Angeles night club ‘Area’. They were spotted dancing the night away. Suge was very protective of Aubrey and wouldn’t let anyone get near her and even went on the mic hollering “No One on the corner got swagger like Suge & Aubrey!”

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama makes history!

Nov. 4th, 2008 Our new president makes history.  Barack Obama, the first African American President.  But let me just talk to my fellow black people and close minded ignorant or prejudice white people.... Of course this is a historic night for black people as a whole but this was competition between "white's and black's" this was a race for presidency.  Please stop being ignorant, this does not mean black people are taking over, this does not mean "we run this country".... This means that there is such thing as "Unity" 

Please grow up.... i've gotten 3 text messages that made me mad.... one said: "Free Chitlins, Fried Chicken, 40 oz, and Watermelon at the White House tomorrow... bring your own blunts" another said... "Hey Mateo, your a designer, you should design a shirt that says "Obama, H.N.I.C. ...Head Nigga In Charge" Come on now, lets handle this win with class....

 This is the ignorance from black people i am talking about, please grow up and educate yourself.... we wouldn't be looked down upon as a race if it weren't for some of this ignorance, you can call me "boougie" if  you want, i just consider it educated......lets just not single out blacks..... i got a text message from a white guy saying "Obama is in the lead of the votes because its 4 o' clock, but all will change when the white people will get off their J O B S haha" Wow, people can really be ignorant..... it might be funny...but its rediculous at the same time, knowledge is power.... congrats Obama, our voice was heard!

Get up and V O T E !

Todays the big day..... Anxious to see the outcome of this one....