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Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF!!! Damn Economy!

People been complaining bout gas prices, i guess Icecream truck prices have incresed too... $1.oo for a ICE TICKLE hahaha i remember when they were a Quarter or atlest 50 cents! lol >_<

Story of the Day!

If you have a weak stomach or dont like seeing broken bones... skip down the page
Ok, so heres the run down. We were chillin at the skatepark today and these two kids were talking to me while i was skating the stairs talking about how good i was and how long have i been skating and what not. I gave them a friendly "thanks" and skated to to other side of the park to skate the rails... I would say about 2 minutes later i went back to that side because there was kids on scooters in the way and i decided to go back and skate with Marcel ... I find the same kid who was just sitting down talking to me and watching me skate on the ground stomach down. It was one of those double take moments because i didnt realize his ankle was mangled because i thought he fell and his shoe fell off and was hanging... come to find out he snapped it and his foot was bout 98 degrees turned THE WRONG WAY! From Marcel's perspective, he said he went over the pyramid and lost balance and "ate shit" ... When i first seen them come in i knew thats they werent very good at skating but Damn.... so i immediately dialed 911 gave them the info... after ending the call i immediately started snapping pics of the mangled ankle.... he insisted he wanted it for his myspace haha... ENJOY
Whats wrong with this pic?
98 degrees to the left...OUCH

He was a good sport about it! He must have liked those pants cuz he got mad when paramedics cut them
If you couldnt tell from the 1st few pics... click and view the big version on this one!
Poor Guy...

See you there!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

So, If you have been wondering why the page hasnt been updated lately it is mainly because Me, Marcel & Company are currently in Las Vegas for Magic/ Active Sk8 Day/ & Dunkxchange .....AND my Macbook is still dead (R.i.P. =[ ) But im waiting on my new one.

Thursday-Sunday Recap:

The last few days have been pretty fun out here in LV, we been kicking it with a lot of people, met new friends, seen a lot of crazy shit, etc. As for the events....I was pretty let down... Active/Pharmacy/DXC Sk8 day was pretty much a bust. Lets see.... 110 Degrees at a Gay Ass skatepark mixed with kids who really dont skate is what you ended up with... For one the skatepark of choice was trash, i've skated atleast 7 of like 12 skateparks in LV and this has to be one of the worst ones. I still managed to throw down for the staff and the little number of skaters that showed. They filmed a good sequence of my nosemannie nollie tre out on the tall ledge. As for a "Best Trick" comp or "Giveaways" ....They didnt exist!!!! But i wasnt mad at it, there wasnt many people or much competition. Lol but it seemed the day got worst as little amounts of people showed up....i got irritated by the dry heat and constantly being out of breathe after 3 tricks. They also sent the Benchwarmer Red Bull Girls out there.... All the pretty ones must have been busy cause we were all in the corner cracking jokes bout the ladies who popped out the lil red bull suzuki!

As for the Dunkxchange.... Ehh... Even tho im rarely seen at the DXC i must say yea umm LV was not holding it down... A lot of legit people there, couple cool clothing lines, and the announcer from sneakerpimps held it down... but not much shoebiz was going down. People were either CHEAP or BROKE.... i seen many good deals that kids turned down...i had a couple pairs for sale, i didnt end up selling nothing cause no one could afford heat or they didnt wear my size... I ended up shakin back to the hotel early from that one...Props to the DXC staff because they do their thing...and get their money at the door... its not their fault at all. Next up is SF.. hopefully it will be better...Next up is MAGIC tomorrow which i know WONT let me down. I'm excited to see what streetwear has for 2008.

Ok Back to LV update...

Even though the events weren't as expected the week in Vegas has been hella fun. Had a cool skate sesh, seen a lot of funny shit... a lot of funny shit went down at the hotel room, went to some pool party that was pretty cool since i havent been swimming forever (Yes I CAN swim) the scene in Vegas is pretty dope its just TOO damn HOTT!!!! We also met new people, got some shopping in, i gambled ha im a CRAPS guy, won a cool little amount of cash and hit the LV Nightlife up... Cambrie Once again met up with me and brought along some friends... They stayed at our hotel room, and took us around some places. Seems like when you live in Vegas you get tired of it fast...Last Night after everything else we went to the movies hella late and saw Tropic Thunder..... I heard ppl say that movie was hilarious but Im wondering cause i didnt even bust a chuckle or a giggle but maybe once or twice... Maybe it was because we havent really slept since we arrived Thurs and were tired and had a lil too drink or maybe it just wasnt a good movie.... I swear Marcel fell asleep... >_

Oh well heres some candids! (more to come as the week goes on)

"The view from the 20th floor of the hotel ...DAMN I HATE ELEVATORS"

" We named this chick IZZY rascal...DONT ASK"

"Marcel thought this hat would symbolize his black half..."

"Me and Cambrie at this restaurant...She always makes LV fun"

Back at the Hotel Room Wylin Out!

Cambrie decided to dress up as me... not too shabby... i think she needs a tan tho

Shes a "light-weight!"

OK so we met "Sam" a very chill chick from LV but she decided to be camera shy so we devoted the night to make sure she ended up on the "UM Caught Off Guard Candid of the Week" But from what it seems.... Marcel managed to be the one caught off gaurd with her. Check it Out! ---->


Marcel & Samantha

(She didnt really diss Cel, i just decided to throw a caption on it cause Marcel's face was hilarious...heres the real low down they were looking up at the lights on some sign and Marcel was telling some joke and i caught him mid joke/looking up, while Sam was still caught staring into space)

Marcel at 4 am

Me at 4:22 am

Me at 5:01 AM

"It is way too hot to skate in LV, i think thats why hardly anyone showed"

I snapped this pic cause we were waiting for the ladies and the lighting was cool

Let's Get Magic Started!

Releasing Tomorrow!

What will they do next?


Vans x DQM x Huf!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Monday, August 18, 2008

"UM!'s Caught Off Guard Caption of the Week"

This Weeks "Caught Off Gaurd" Candid goes to:


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sex, Shoes, & Skating in the $in City!!!!


right on TIME!

I need some new G-Shock Colors.... they just came through!


Size 10 VNDS S/O $100

Size 9.5 Condtion pictured $80 obo....

Hit me up if interested on here, or, Aim/ISS/NIKETALK/NSB.ORG: Mateogotdasteez

Supra Stepping The New Era Game Up!?

August 23rd Collezione!

Who's picking up these bad boys?