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Friday, August 29, 2008

Story of the Day!

If you have a weak stomach or dont like seeing broken bones... skip down the page
Ok, so heres the run down. We were chillin at the skatepark today and these two kids were talking to me while i was skating the stairs talking about how good i was and how long have i been skating and what not. I gave them a friendly "thanks" and skated to to other side of the park to skate the rails... I would say about 2 minutes later i went back to that side because there was kids on scooters in the way and i decided to go back and skate with Marcel ... I find the same kid who was just sitting down talking to me and watching me skate on the ground stomach down. It was one of those double take moments because i didnt realize his ankle was mangled because i thought he fell and his shoe fell off and was hanging... come to find out he snapped it and his foot was bout 98 degrees turned THE WRONG WAY! From Marcel's perspective, he said he went over the pyramid and lost balance and "ate shit" ... When i first seen them come in i knew thats they werent very good at skating but Damn.... so i immediately dialed 911 gave them the info... after ending the call i immediately started snapping pics of the mangled ankle.... he insisted he wanted it for his myspace haha... ENJOY
Whats wrong with this pic?
98 degrees to the left...OUCH

He was a good sport about it! He must have liked those pants cuz he got mad when paramedics cut them
If you couldnt tell from the 1st few pics... click and view the big version on this one!
Poor Guy...

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