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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ASR Biz!

I must say ASR topped Magic for me this year.... why? you ask..... I was raised in Streetwear & Fashion...But I was born a skateboarder. When you mix skateboarding & clothing, chilling with skate friends and sponsors from all over the world, and partying all night in Downtown San Diego... what more could i ask!? I gotta shoutout to Temple Effectives Aaron and Rawgie... and skaters Kirk, Sean, Yavor, Nick, Luie, Kenny, Marcel, Eric, and Anthony.... if i missed you im sorry... Long Story Short....ASR was the SHIT and im already looking forward to January... Enjoy the Flicks!

Whats my name Bitch!!?

Battle of the Shops w/Eduardo & Andrew Pott

Ladies were flockin to the Temple Booth!

Me and Eric chillin at ASR on the double set... i was too hung over to skate these for long... landed a pop shuv, and a tre and called it a day.

Clubbing at the Hard Rock W/ Temple/Artist Series Head Honchos!

I was SUPER drunk (wait till you see the video)

Eric was gettin his mack on with 25 yr olds at our hotel party!

Temple Effectives hotel party!

Battle of the Shops Tech Center!

Out front of ASR Friday we were giving ladies 10's
We gave those Tittays 2 thumbs up! haha

Kirkey Monster Chillin at the room

Drunk in front of the hotel
Keep em commin!

Marcel Chillin

This nigga stay gettin caught off guard!

Ladies kept flockin!

Yuto Kojima from Japan eating a good old Sammich!

Check how many boards were in the hotel room

Kenny wanted his free fish taco

Me and Kenny, 14th Floor looking over Downtown SD

Marcel and Eric lookin like twins!

Opening day

Kenny insisted that we take a pic with Kareem.... hey, hes a legend

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