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Monday, January 12, 2009

PG.1 Fashion Review

The Illionaires - DOnUt - DOS'LA hosted the PG.1 fashion show within Zune LA last night, & it was such an incredible experience. The preparation for this show with my boys was mad hectic, It was very stressful, we didnt get much sleep, and we had all kinds of issues all the way down to the wire! We had a couple of familiar faces in attendance including: Actor Billy Zane, Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, Tyler Williams, & much more. huge

We rocked the runway second. Our models were on point. We couldn't be happier with the walks, poses & reaction. Everyone seemed to love the originality with out models all snacking on Donuts while ripping the Runway. Everything went perfectly! Illionaires brought additional originality to the show, Can't forget about the DOnUt girls though, Amris, Nicole & Curly didn't miss a beat as they got makeup & hair done as well as helped set the place up. The last company to walk was DOS' LA and they certainly did not disappoint. Their clothes were inspiring & you could feel that in the audiences reaction. So to everyone in the show, congrats!

Thank you to God for the help every step of the way, the Zune LA Staff for the venue & qassistance, all our musicians & acts great job, posso the DJ for holding it down with the music, our incredible hosts for the night who did such a great job despite the last minute changes, our videographers, photographers & interviewer for the amazing converage, and huge, HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to share the moment with us! You all helped pave the way for our future achievements. PUT GOD FIRST.

Enjoy the pictures guys! Click to enlarge

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