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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I'm feeling BLACK lemme get a Grape Slush"


SO, first and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eric Taguchi.... we went out skating that morning with my photographer Brian L. & Tony. 5 minutes in Eric ends up with a Gnarly Lump on his leg AND not to mention it was just too DAMN HOT! the session lasted about 20 minutes...Then we were driving home and we were talking about how GOOD a DQ Slush would be amazing!  Come to find out we have a DQ this way HAHA so we ended up dropping by to get GIANT GRAPE SLUSH & of course the occasional shit talking, just enjoying the day.... heres some pics & vid (nothings wrong with the color, i just like that effect but i promise the next one will be in full color...Maybe)....ENJOY

Who doesn't appreciate 360 flips?

I decided not to land this one and floss the watch as i fell haha

Tony Broke His Board So He Was Film'er for the Day... Later That Day I Got Him a Board Cause Shipment Came in Yesterday..

It was so  Fuckin Hot!

These Ledges are BUTTERY!

Birthday Boy!

Check the Lump!

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