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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Week Was C R A Z Y !

So, I finally got my camera and i've taken about 4000 pictures already! I grabbed a couple and i will post candids each week! I'm a beginner so these aren't as good as this weeks pictures came out!

Touch & Meranda

Let's bring back the brown skate shoe style!

Dirty & Marcel



Barrel Rolls

Random Butt

A lot of this went down!

Hahaha this fool got cupchecked by his homie!

Daniel Espinoza is PRO!

Marcel says "FUCK YOU"

& The Ground Says, "Fuck Marcel"

More Alcohol

My Leg!?

Bad ass lil kids from the Skatepark

Token ghetto black kid from the skatepark

I <3>

Everyone take pictures on my photobooth BUT me!

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