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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The block is HOT!

Mannnn, California weather has been ridiculous lately, i swear it rained this week along with a couple muggy over-cast days.... Now the sun jumped out and slapped sunny Southern Cali in the face. Plug in the fans and turn up the AC ... cause the block bout to be hot for the weekend! who knows it will probably rain Monday knowing the mysterious California weather....On another note... my blackberry is gone R.I.P. so im back to the overrated Sidekick Lx until the new crackberry release next month. It's time to go Poppin Tags for the summer! The streetwear industry has made a push for the summer with some new innovative and creative ideas so don't sleep out there. Summer is upon us people... time to wear less and rock the shades, time to hit the beach and check the fee'z.... Summer Love!.......haha Lets Get It!

I'm thinking im gonna take another trip to Las Vegas soon. I got to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, you only have one.... Best make the BEST out of it right? but damn if it's hot out here, it's gotta be hell there...they don't call it SIN City for nothing! But hey "oh well, Let's get this money!" VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!

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