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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Daze!

What a weekend for me.... My weekend started Friday, I got a last minute call to Dj some club in Norwalk. I jetted down there with my brother and held it down, they ended giving me a hotel room at the Marriot which was pretty dope. The lady clientele in the area wasn't at it's best ( i rate is about a 6 out of 10). Ironically my sister was competing in a beauty pageant in the same area. I swear beauty pageant moms are the craziest ladies in the world. My sister has been doing them since she was 3 and i swear i've seen it all. There was momma drama all around the hotel cause comp gets fierce i guess. But hey in the end i got free rounds of drinks from one of my mom's friends. Ended the 3 day weekend with the fam at the crib. BBQ was hella good..... The basketball game was wack.... i don't know what Boston is doing with their lifes, as did the Lakers lose too..... *shakes head* Overall a good weekend.... enjoy the random flicks!

29 yr old on a spongebob chair watching tv waaaay too close

Step dad "Deebo" and my rich little sister

My rat of a dog!

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