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Monday, June 30, 2008

90 Days of Summer.... Vegas Trip!

So I just got back from Vegas this weekend and i pretty much lived it up! I finally got a little bit of a vacation and got to kick it with some friends and enjoy the nightlife with the Vegas locals... The suite we had was pretty much the coolest shit i ever seen... 2 stories with a hot tub and fireplace........

The sun was blazing in LV, i spent a lot of time around the pool! Nightlife in Vegas was pretty crazy! the clubs, the casino life (speaking of which, theres always like 2 new casinos everytime i go!), the lights, and the hype! I had a good time. Spent only half an hr at the crap table and made a cool $350 then i skipped out of there with my chips! I made a extra Hundred on my way home... we stopped at Stateline...My friend Cambrie from Vegas showed me around the place, we ended up hittin the Strip to do some shopping.... she somehow talked me into getting a henna tattoo on my wrist... (as if i didnt have 5 REAL tats) but i didnt wanna be a party pooper... we took some random flick while chilling on the strip...

And of course you cant go to vegas without seeing the randomness that Vegas has in store! We were crackin jokes bout the mexican dudes that are handing out the lil stripper trading cards on the sidewalk... can any one tell me why they slap them together before they give them to u!? The sidewalk was pretty much covered with the "sex cards" in some areas... people just seem to take them and drop them.... you know i kept a couple for my lonely nights!!! haha jk

And of course!! I love taking pics of random things with different effects so enjoy:

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