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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Streetwear Protest!?

JDL VS. FRESHJIVE. from Bobby Hundreds on Vimeo.

Things seem to be heating up in Fairfax as recent pictures and videos produced by Bobby Hundreds feature a small group of protesters from the Jewish Defense League outside Freshjive’s Reserve store objecting to some recent t-shirt releases from Freshjive. The tees in question include the depiction of former Palestine leader and generally unpopular character Yasser Arafat and Palestinian children wielding AK-47s. On his blog, Freshjive founder Rick Klotz offers his own 2 cents on all the negativity surrounding his designs in a response that reveals his reasoning on why these designs should not be perceived as anti-Semitic (Rick Klotz himself is Jewish). However this whole situation shows the power of a graphic t-shirt as well as Freshjive’s continual brand philosophy of creating active discourse with his products.

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